Pupil Premium Grant

The Pupil Premium (PPG) is allocated to schools in addition to main school funding, in order to address the current underlying inequalities between children eligible for Free School Meals (FSM), Looked After Children and children of service personnel.



1. School visits

St Austin’s will ensure that any curriculum-related visits will be offered to each child eligible for PPG funding either free of charge or at a reduced cost.


2. High Quality, Targeted Intervention

St Austin’s Primary School strives to ensure the flexibility of the curriculum. This enables every child to have the opportunity to succeed to the best of their ability and feel proud of their achievements.

Throughout Early Years, KS1 and KS2 close monitoring of each child allows staff to support pupils appropriately. This may include:

  • Writing intervention
  • Reading intervention
  • Numeracy intervention
  • Speech and Language programme
  • Occupational therapy follow up sessions
  • Nurture groups/behaviour support
  • Positive Play

Pupil Premium will help to fund specialised resources and staffing throughout a child’s time at St Austin’s.


3. Extra-curricular/Enrichment Activities

Pupils will be offered the opportunity to attend a wide range of extra-curricular/enrichment activities identified by The Sutton Trust document as most benefitting pupils’ physical, spiritual, moral and personal well-being.

On an annual basis in the Summer Term we will report how the total funding was allocated over the previous financial year.


4. School Uniform

 Parents of pupil premium children will be offered the opportunity to receive one free item of school uniform each term.


We monitor the impact of the use of PP funding by using tracking grids to highlight progress, ensuring the attainment gaps are closing between the different groups of pupils, and targeting intense intervention as necessary.


This is monitored both by the SLT who report to the governing body.


The attachment below shows how the funding will be utilised this academic year 2015/2016