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Our year group pages are available only to the parents and pupils at St Austin's.


Year 6 Revision Quick Links -

Below are new resources to support the pupils revision at home. Some need passwords and these will be issued to pupils during Spring 2018. Please let us know if you have any problems with the links.


BBC Revisewise

Links to games and videos to support reading, spelling and grammar and maths.


Maths -

'Genius Maths'

The Genius Maths PDF in the document section at the bottom of this page gives children games and practice questions relating to SAT's. There are also useful YouTube links that explain concepts to pupils if they are getting stuck. -

Click on the link below to access a reasoning problem a day to support pupils preparation for SATs.



The children will be recieving a login for this site to practice spelling and grammar questions at home.  Pupils have an individual account where teachers can see their progress and set additional support work to help with areas of difficulty.


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Download this file (ks2-ultimate-3-in-1-organiser-2017-maths-sats.pdf)Genius Maths Links1607 kB