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Autumn Term Vehicle-Step Back in Time

Our Vehicle for this term is called 'Step Back in Time'

Through this vehicle the children will develop their metacognition, cultural appreciation, teamwork, global awareness and their ability to manage time and resources.  They will be working towards a Victorian style Christmas gift box.

Step Back in Time



What will we be learning about during our Vehicle lessons?


English- Children will read Historical stories from our literary heritage including Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.


Science- Children will be exploring properties of materials and how materials can be changed and separated.  They will also learn about Electricity and the developments in technology during the Industrial Revolution.


History- Our History work will be looking at changes over time and in particular we will be studying life in Victorian times.


Geography- We will be learning about the British Empire and the Commonwealth.  Following this we will learn about the Pottery Industry and how settlements in Stoke-on-Trent developed.


DT- We will be learning to sew and decorate fabrics.  The children will be making products to sell on the Christmas Market stalls.


Art- The children will learn about Victorian designer 'William Morris' and will explore printing techniques to create wallpaper and curtain designs.  They will then be looking at pottery and making clay products.


Computing- The children will learn about staying safe online and complete Purple Mash activities related to this topic.  They will also be learning about databases and how computer databases can be used effectively.


Spanish- The children (and me!) will be learning how to count to 1000 and how to say amounts of money in Spanish.  They will also learn about days, weeks, months and telling the time.


Music- The children will complete activities related to the topic 'Victorians'