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Autumn Vehicle- Singing from the Treetops

"Singing from the Treetops!"

This term we are going to be learning all about the rainforests, focusing in particular on the Amazon.

The outcome of our vehicle is to produce a jungle / rainforest themed DVD to sell!

During this vehicle we will be learning about:

Science: Plants, Light

Geography: Rainforests

History: The Mayans

Computing: E-safety, graphs, coding

ART: Henri Rousseau, animal masks

D&T: Hand puppets, dioramas

MFL (Spanish): Introducing yourself, numbers to 15

Music: Rhythm work, rainforest percussion compositions


Week 1:

We launched our vehicle this week by thinking about the question "Are rainforests found all over the world?"

The children thought about lots of different ways they could discover the answer. Their ideas included: maps, satellites, drones, atlases, globes, the internet, aerial views, travelling and exploring.

The children then used a range of resources to gather information to answer their question.

They discovered that rainforests are only found near the equator and between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. They then labelled different countries that contain rainforests on a map! Super work! laugh


Week 2:

In History we investigated the question "Who were the Maya people and where did they live?" In Geography we used the internet to research facts about the countries Ecuador and Ghana to see if all countries containing rainforests are the same. We decided that the countries have some similarities but that there are lots of differences such as languages, population size and plants.

Week 3:

In D&T we found out about what different types of puppets there are. Eventually we can't wait to design and make our own rainforest animal hand puppet. In History we wanted to find out if Maya life was similar to our life today. To do this we became detectives and looked at different artefacts. By putting together the clues we found out lots about Maya life!