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Conflict and Change Vehicle - Spring

Welcome to the page for our second vehicle, "Conflict and Change".

On this page you will be able to see updates of what the children have been doing during their vehicle.

This term, our end of vehicle outcome will be a Viking fashion show! During this, we will showcase to you some of the dye and weaving work that the children have done. All ticket sales will go to Mary's Meals.


We will be looking at:

History - The Vikings

Geography - Settlements

Science - Living things and their habitats.

Art - Making sculptures, using natural dye and weaving.

DT - Making a Viking Long Boat

Computing - The history of animation

On Tuesday 21st January, we looked at the history of animation in computing. We discussed what we know about animation already and said that we watch animations at home, such as Wallace and Gromit. We then watched a video that showed us how animations were put together. Lots of us didn't know that animations were created through pictures. We even got to watch some of the original Mickey Mouse animations by Walt Disney! We then researched some famous animations and people who had created them.

When we went back to class we had a go at a version of animation ourselves. We made flip books to show how pictures need to slightly change on each page to make it look like our drawing is moving.

27th January, Invertebrate hunt in Science.

Today (Tuesday 28th January), we used Purplemash to start having a go at creating our own stickman animation. We have been looking at how animation has changed during our computing lessons for our vehicle ‘Conflict and change’. We can’t wait to continue working on our animations next week!

Stickman animation

Still image for this video

Thursday 6th February 2020


Today in Art, we used our sketching skills to design our soldier ready to be modelled out of clay. Our partners helped us by posing as a soldier while we looked back and forth between them and our book, sketching out our image.

The children loved using clay to make their own soldiers as part of their vehicle!

We had a brilliant time at Stafford Castle learning about its History!

The children did a great job of painting their clay soldiers this week!

Year 4 had a great day with year 6 for their Saxon and Viking day! We played games, looked at weapons and even made our name on clay!