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Discovery Spring Vehicle


'Discovery' is Year 5's Spring vehicle. The vehicle contains all aspects of the curriculum and will take the children on a unique learning journey.  Through the vehicle the children will learn about key discoveries and their impacts on our lives today. Through the use of guest speakers, visits to explore real-life sites and opportunites to apply knowledge both in class and to real life problems the children will work towards a final presentation that will see them create a new orienteering trail for the re-developed Victoria Park in Stafford to allow old and young to discover the park all over again!

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           Discovering....The Town Park Re-development
Year 5 have had an informative morning. They met with Tony and Ian who help manage the town park to talk about how the park is being re-developed, the changes that are coming and how we are going to be part of this exciting project.  The children found out about the plans for the new education centre, cafe and bandstand. They also beganto  think about how and where we could develop our orienteering trail for visitors to the park.  Next the children will be launching a competition with Lisa Hibbert from Stafford Council to design a park mascot/image that will be used in the children's trail designs.  Year 5 pupils from the Borough of Stafford will be invited to submit entries ready for judging after February half term. Year 5 would like to say a big thank you to Tony and Ian for being part of their new learning journey!

Discovering.... BWH (Blessed William Howard)

Year 5 attend a transition event at BWH on Thursday 9th January.  We encountered a very warm welcome and some excellent learning experiences.  From writing their own music digitally, to creating amazing bee inspired art work and exploring new and innovative ways to pray - the children's (and adult's) minds and hearts were captured! Thank you to all those involved in arranging such a lovely day.