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Friday 12.02.21

It's Friday!

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Mrs Hoyle is doing an assembly today at 11.45.  Please join us if you can:


As it's the last day of the half term and everyone has worked so hard, I thought it would be nice for you to make the magic box you described in your poem.  If you have an old cardboard box, could you decorate it so that it looks like the one you described in your poem?

Alternatively, I have attached a PowerPoint we used in class the other week.  We were looking at some research stations in the Antarctic and then we designed a building which could be used for scientists or explorers visiting the area.  (This was the week that the children at home made a den!)

If your child wants to complete this activity, they can draw and label their building, making a list of recycled materials they could use to build a model with e.g. toilet rolls, milk bottle lids etc