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Friday 15th Jan

Happy Friday!

Remember to complete your phonics learning using the links that you have received.


In Literacy today I would like you to read the poem 'If I had wings' on page 27 of your Pippety Skycap document. I would then like you to use your imagination and think about what you would do if you had wings. Where would you go? What might you see? Would you go on an adventure?

Write down your ideas into your writing books using sentences. (Think it, Say it, Write it and Check it) Remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 

For your Maths today I would like you to practise using your counting and addition skills. I have allocated you 3 games to play on Purple Mash. Two of them are new ones (I think you will love the racing one - I did!) and the third one is 'Bond Bubbles' for you to practise again. Don't forget you could also log into your Numbots account and have a go at some of the challenges on there or use Karate Kats on BBC Bitesize if you fancy something different. 

We will be doing our art work at school today. I would like you to look carefully at these pictures and see if you can guess what they are pictures of.

Did you guess? 

Yes - they are close up pictures of feathers. Look at all the lines and patterns that you can see. 

There are some drawings of different bird feathers in the document below. I would like you to have a go at drawing a picture of a feather today. Use your pencil to make thick lines and thin lines, straight lines and curved lines to create your feather image. Use the pictures below to help you. I would love to see your drawings - please send me a photograph if you can! Thank you.

You may like to finish your week with one last 'bird' story.