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Friday 29.01.21

It's FriYAY!

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Follow the link for today's English lesson:


This task can be handwritten or typed.  My example is longer than I'd expect from the children- it's just there as an example.  Children can 'magpie' my ideas if they like.

(Parents, the point of this task is to create an adventure.  If the children come up with some great ideas, the grown-ups can do the typing.) 

This is the lesson for both today and Friday, so you can pace yourselves!


Explorers need somewhere to stay when they're out in the wilds exploring.  I'd like you pretend you are an explorer and build a den/ shelter/  tent for you and your teddies.  You could maybe sit in there for a while and read a book.  Photos would be good smiley

It is vital that all responsible explorers clear up after themselves so as not to damage the areas they are exploring in any way.  Please do the same!