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Friday 29th January

Happy Friday!

In phonics today I would like you to practise using all the phonics skills that you have learnt so far. Log onto the 'Phonics Bloom' website and have a go at playing the 'Phonics Frog' game and the 'Yes No Yeti' game. You will love them both and they provide a great way to practise your reading.

In your Literacy today I would like you to see what information you can remember from yesterday and  make your own fact file. First, you will need a title at the top of your page ( it could be about British Wildlife or you could concentrate specifically on one particular animal or bird.) Then you will need to split your page into 4. Fill each box on your page with a different piece of information about your animal. You might like to draw some pictures as well as writing some sentences. I have made one below that you could use to give you an idea of what I mean. You may want to write yours rather than complete it on the computer. Please send them to me as I am looking forward to reading them later.
For your maths today I would like you to complete the end of unit check in your Power Maths workbook (Pages 50 -51). After this, you could practise your addition and subtraction skills on either Numbots or on the racing game on Purple Mash.
We will be completing our art work this afternoon at school. See if you can complete yours too by working through the powerpoint that I have attached below. We are learning about a new artist today and looking at some of their work. 
And for your final task of the day I have found a story that I think you will enjoy.