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Friday 5th March

I would like to start off today by saying thank you to you all for playing our class Bingo game yesterday. It was lovely to see you all. We are so looking forward to you joining us in school next week. We were very excited after you had left us yesterday morning!

I hope you enjoy today's work and have a lovely weekend. I will see you all next week :-) 


We have a school celebration assembly today at 11.40 am. Please join us using the link below.

In Literacy today I would like you to finish writing your story. Remember to use all of those brilliant word and phrases in your sentences and think carefully about how your story will end. I can't wait to read them when they are finished. We will read them out to each other when we are back at school next week - so you might like to practise this at home once you have finished writing it! 
We have finished our Unit of work on Numbers to 50 in Maths this week. You have all worked extremely hard with this as some bits of it were really quite tricky. We will be starting our new Unit of work learning all about measures when we are at school next week, so for your Maths today I would like you to practise your maths skills using either Numbots, Top Marks, BBC Karate Kats or Purple Mash.
We will be completing our Art work today. Over this unit of work we have been using a variety of media to draw pictures of feathers and we have looked at an artist, Diana Beltran Herrera, who makes beautiful bird sculptures. Today we will be designing some feathers and thinking about what bird we would like to create. Over the next few weeks (when we are back at school!) we will make our own bird sculptures based on these designs. Look through the powerpoint below and complete the suggested activities.