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Monday 11th Jan

Don't forget to complete your phonics lessons using the links that you have received.


For your Literacy work today, I would like you to read the story of Pippety Skycap. You will find this on pages 4 and 5  of the document. (The page numbers I refer to are those you will find as you scroll through the document.) Then I would like you to read and answer the questions on Page 6. See if you can write your answers down using full sentences and don't forget your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.


In our Maths today we are using our Number bonds again. Thank you for coming into school to collect your child's Power Maths book last week - we will be using these books for some of our work from now on.  Today I would like you to talk through the powerpoint slide that you will find below and then have a go at completing pages 12 - 14 in your Power Maths practice book.

On  Monday afternoon in school we have Science and PE.

For your PE at home you could join in with Joe Wicks workout. He is going to be completing new workouts this lockdown on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's. 

In our Science work this week we are thinking about birds. Last week we named and labelled the parts of a human body. Can you think of the parts that we might label on a bird? Watch the video clip below to learn a little bit more about birds and then have a go at completing the labelling activity. You could draw your own bird to save you printing the sheet out and then use the word bank to help you label the bird body parts.

If you have time during this week, I have also included some instructions on how to make your own bird feeder to put in the garden.