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Monday 18th January

Good morning!  I hope you have had a lovely weekend and are ready for some more home learning.

You will have received your phonics links for today - so don't forget to complete your phonics work at home.

In our Literacy this week we are exploring a new story. Use the link below to listen to the story and complete todays activities.

In our Maths today we are continuing with our work on subtraction. Work through the slideshow with me using the link below. It is the first time I have done the recording like this so apologies for my mistakes! I am sorry that the picture is a bit small - I know for next time how to make it bigger. Hope you get on OK with it :-)


Now see if you can complete pages 26 -28 in your Power Maths book. Remember that the questions get progressively more difficult as you work through them so don't worry if you cannot complete them all.
On a Monday afternoon we have PE and Science. For your PE see if you can join in with one of Joe Wicks workouts. You could also try this 'Jump Start Jonny' exercise video - we really enjoyed this at school last week!

Kids Dance and Exercise Video | Jump Start Jonny | Freeze

WHOOOPA! Get ready to FREEZE! If you want to keep the party going, then go to to get more FREE workouts!

For your Science, I would like you to remind yourself about our five senses. Can you remember them all? Check that you got them right by watching the video link below and completing the following quiz. Then see if you can complete the senses scavenger hunt worksheet either in your house or outside in your garden.