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Monday 1st March

We will be joining Mrs. Corbett for an assembly today at 11.45. Please try and join us using the link below.

For our Literacy today we are going to be practising our use of puctuation (capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks.) 

We read the story of 'Grandad's Secret Giant,' last week and at the end of the story Billy made friends with the giant. What sort of things do you do with your friends? Have a think and tell your grown up. Try to tell them your ideas using sentences.

I have had a think too and I have written some sentences down about things that you might do with your friend. I was a little bit tired though when I wrote them down and I think that I might have made some mistakes. Could you please check my work for me and see if you can correct it? If I have missed any capital letters or full stops, please add them in. Thank you :-)

You might like to watch this BBC Teach video clip first just to remind yourself about when we use capital letters and full stops.

If you get chance there is a great game on BBC Bitesize where you can practise your punctuation too. It is called Small Town Superheroes and I have included the link below. Please try it as I think you will enjoy it! 


In our Maths over the next week we will be completing our unit using numbers to 50. We are going to be revisiting addition and subtraction over the next few days and solving word problems. Work through the Powerpoint presentation below with me and then have a go at completing the number problems in your Power Maths workbook on pages 79 - 81.
This afternoon we will be completing our Science. As we have all enjoyed the beautiful sunshine this weekend and it is the first day of March I thought it would be a good time to explore the season of Spring. There are two very short video clips for you to watch. One introduces all of the Seasons and the other talks about day and night and years. It is really interesting and I know that you will like it so please watch this as well. I would then like you to look through the Spring powerpoint and find out about things we might see in Spring time. Next I want you to look outside to how many signs of Spring you can see. You could use the checklist below to help you. 
The story today is about some friends. It is called 'Spaghetti Hunters.' I hope you enjoy it.