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Monday 23.11.20

Good morning,

Attached is English and Maths work for today and tomorrow.  You will also find a PDF outlining the learning in foundation subjetcs for the rest of this term.  As far as possible, everything will mirror the work being done in class.  If you don't have a printer, that's no problem.  Just show your child the work on the screen and ask them to write their answers on paper.  You can send me a photo of completed work on Dojo for me to check.

Best wishes, Joanna Cleary.

In English we have been looking at the features of information texts.  Today I would like the children to read the notes attached, and rewrite them in sentences.  Each paragraph will need a new subheading (these are already given), and the children must copy given spellings correctly.

Foundation subjects for the next 2 weeks