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Oxford Owl are offering some books for the children to access for free. Please use the link below to log in:

Username: staustins     password: reception


You can use the Biff and Chip books for ‘Share with me’ books.  The pink level is a good place to start.


Below is a document for you to access for your child to read the books, these are linked with RWI and will help your child apply their phonics they have been learning.

(These are all the books available on Oxford Owl but easier for you to find and follow through here).


All children will have an email sent to indicate what level books your child should be accessing.




Red words

Red words are the tricky words that you child will come across when reading and writing.  These are words that can not be sounded out. I have stuck a copy of the first level of red words into your child’s reading diary.

Please focus on 3 words per week to learn to read.  The child should be able to read the word straight away when showing it to them.

Once the child can read them all you can then work on trying to spell them independently.

Knowing these words will then help with the fluency of reading.


Ditty reading sheets - please read two of these per week