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Reading is the most important activity we can encourage our children to do.  It opens up a whole host of experiences for them.

Attached are a limited number of Read Write Inc books- which is our new phonics and English scheme in school.  Click on the book colour which matches your child's phonics group.

There is also a pdf attached with lists of 'Red words'.  these are tricky words which are not phonetically decodable.  Could you help your child to learn to read the words in their phonic groups colour (see the emails I send with phonics videos).  When they can read them easily on sight, they can work on spelling them.

If you would like more reading books from school, please just send me an email and I will organise a new set of books for you to collect.

Please encourage them to read other books at home for pleasure too, not only ones from the reading scheme.  I will add any useful links I find to this folder.



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