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Class Teacher:  Mrs J Harratt

Mrs E Root (Thursdays)

Classroom Assistants: Miss L Greatholder and Miss S Davies


What we are learning:



This half term we are looking at ‘Growing’. The children will be focussing on a variety of growing stories including Jaspers Beanstalk, Jack and the Beanstalk and The Hungry Caterpillar.  They will also be growing their own beanstalk to help them compare sizes and use comparing language.


We will be learning how to add and subtract objects as well as doubling and sharing.  They will be practising this in our Roleplay area- The Garden Centre, buying flowers and gardening equipment and getting the correct amount of coins to pay.

The children have started to enjoy structured PE lessons in the hall this term and will now be expanding their skills with balls by throwing, rolling and catching them.

The children will be preparing for Easter through Lent and learning that this is an important time to pray. 


Please join our KS1 Mass on Tuesday 12th April 2019 at 9:15am in the school hall.






Please try to read as regularly as possible with your child.  They benefit from regular opportunities to reinforce their learning from the school day.  So little and often is very important with the first stages of reading.



Your child has a phonics homework book to practise ever week. Please read the example words with your child and get them to practise the formation of the diagraph.  Think of some new words with that particular sound in and add this into a sentence.

Write this sentence with the child, discussing the finger spaces and other sounds they can hear in the words.


Stay and Play session


Come and see your child in the classroom at our stay and play sessions

Monday 18th March- 2- 3 pm     or       Tuesday 19th March 9-10 am


We will be focusing on Writing:  

The Early Year Curriculum, What to expect, how to support your child

and provide writing opportunities at home too.