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Spring Term Vehicle- The world is yours to explore

Our Curriculum Vehicle for the Spring Term is called,

'The world is yours to explore'.

The children will be learning about lots of interesting places and creating a travel brochure to showcase their knowledge.


RE-Baptism, Parables and Sayings of Jesus, Lent and Holy Week.

English- Information texts on Islam, Oranges in No-Man's Land

Maths- Multiplication and division, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages.

Science- Earth in Space, Forces in Action

History- The Ancient Greeks

Geography- Greece and Antarctica

Art- Sketching and clay skills based on the work of Alberto Giacometti

DT- Making Greek salads and bread

Computing- Spreadsheets and databases

Spanish- Planets with Miss Molloy

Music- Mrs Heliker

PE- Tennis with Mrs Mawdsley on a Tuesday and Mr Horton on a Friday