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Spring Vehicle: Trading and Raiding

Our Curriculum Vehicle for the Spring term is called,

' Trading and Raiding'.


Year 4 will be learning about Viking settlements, including trading, and look at how trading has developed of the years. They will showcase their learning and knowledge through a Fairtrade Fundraiser, keeping in line with our school's risk assessment.

Coming up in class…


RE: Christmas, Jesus: Light of the World and Beloved Son, Old Testament: Moses - King David, Lent

English: Information texts on Buddhism, Descriptive writing and language development through The Incredible Book Eating Boy and Escape from Pompeii

Maths: Multiplication and Division (written methods), Area (measure), Fractions and Decimals

Science: Animals including humans, Living things and their habitats

Geography: Land use, settlements and global trading

History: The Vikings

PE: striking and fielding

Computing: Spreadsheets, Writing for different audiences

Art: Sketching in the style of Stephen Wiltshire

D&T: Making healthy snacks and condiments (food technology)

MFL: Animals, food, months and days of the week, weather with Miss Molloy

Music: Viking songs with Mrs Heliker