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Spring Vehicle- "Crazy about Chocolate!"

"Crazy about Chocolate!"

This term the children will be becoming chocolatiers and will be designing, making and selling their own chocolatey creations, which we intend to sell to our community to enjoy. 

We can’t wait to see what they create!

During this vehicle we will be learning about:

Science: Plants, Forces and Magnets

Geography: Rainforests

History: The Mayans, The history of chocolate

Computing: E-safety, data handling, multimedia (photo story)

ART: Chocolate boxes / packaging

D&T: Food technology- creating chocolate treats

MFL (Spanish): Foods

Music: Learning to play the recorder, create jingles for our chocolate creations

Week 1:

During our first week we have used atlases to locate countries that have rain forests and we have also located countries where Mayan civilisations lived. We found it really interesting and can't wait to learn more about the links between the Mayans, rain forests and chocolate!


Week 2:

In Computing, we have learnt how to input data into spreadsheets. We then learnt how to present this data as a graph. We discussed the different data we might like to collect about chocolate from our school community and can't wait to create some questionnaires!

In Science we began investigating the effects of friction on different surfaces. Using our findings, we then thought about which surfaces would be the best / worst for vehicles transporting cocoa beans and chocolate products.


Week 3:

In ART, we have been busy investigating and analysing different chocolate packaging. We discussed the impact of colour, fonts, shape and name on a products effectiveness. We can't wait to meet local chocolatier Mr Popple next week and start designing our own packaging for our own products!

In Geography, we have researched information about different rain forests around the world. We found out that they are all located close to the equator and between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. We then enjoyed being weather reporters for 'St Austin's TV', and presented information about the weather and climate in different countries.

Week 4:

Thank you to Ben & Sam from "Mr Popple's Chocolate" for running a workshop for Y3 this morning (29.1.20)! This was an excellent opportunity for the children to learn more about their vehicle topic as they had the opportunity to find out about the chocolate making process, taste chocolate bean nibs, taste Mr Popple’s dark orange chocolate, learnt about how cocoa beans were used as a currency and lots more! It was great fun!!

Week 5:

In DT this week we had a fantastic time creating chocolate fruit pots! We learnt how to use a sharp knife correctly when chopping and how to safely mix and melt chocolate. We then tasted and evaluated our creations!


Thank you to Asda for accommodating Y3 for a tour of the store! This was a brilliant link to the “chocolate vehicle” as we explored the warehouse to see how chocolate and other products were stored, stepped into the freezers, looked at packaging and items on the shops selves and even got a chance to go upstairs and see the customers shopping from above! Dan was extremely informative and taught us lots of facts about Asda...we are very grateful!

Week 6:

In Science this week we have been investigating the strength of magnets. We then thought about how magnets could be used in the chocolate production process.


Week 7:

In Computing we began to learn how to create branching databases on purple mash. We then completed a branching database about different fruit and veg.


Week 8:

In DT this week we created our own chocolate boxes for our Mother's Day treats. We used our designs and the criteria we were set.


Week 9:

In ART we have learnt about Giacometti, a famous Swiss artist. We learnt about his style of sculptures and then we were inspired by this to create our own artwork. It was great fun creating the poses and then sculpting them using chocolate matchmakers!


Week 10:

We enjoyed a brilliant trip to Cadbury's World where we learnt all about how chocolate is made, the history of Cadbury and Bournville and lots more. In DT we also created our own chocolatey treats for our mums for Mother's Day!