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Spring Vehicle- Rocking from Coast to Coast

Rocking from Coast to Coast...

This term the children will be learning all about changes from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

They will experience a hands-on Stone Age day where they will become Stone Age people!

Our outcome this term is to create an exhibition for all our family members

(whether it be in school or virtual- COVID dependent!)


Coming up in class...

RE: Christmas, The Eucharist, Lent

English: Hinduism, The Tiger Child

Maths: Multiplication and division, Money, Shape

Science: Rocks and Soils, Forces and Magnets

Geography: UK study: Jurassic Coast, New Forest. Comparison to Florida.

History: Changes from the Stone Age to the Iron Age

PE: Gymnastics, Games

Computing: E-safety, coding, graphing, presentation skills

ART: Fossils, printing

D&T: Food technology

MFL (Spanish): Colours, School equipment

Music: Rhythm work, instruments throughout history

Day 1: 

When the children entered school this morning their classroom has been transformed into a dark cave!

They had jumped straight back to the Stone Age! The class were faced with the challenge of learning about and then creating their own cave artwork in the darkness with limited resources. The children had lots of fun and can’t wait for more opportunities to return to the cave during their “Rocking from Coast to Coast” vehicle...