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Term 3- Sun, Sea and Sand!

Sun, Sea and Sand!



This term our vehicle is the seaside.  They will be thinking about what the seaside is like, what we find there and what we can do.  They will be sharing a variety of stories linked to the seaside including ‘Pirates love Underpants’ and ‘The Singing Mermaid’ along with many others.

Later in the term we will also be looking into the ocean. What is in there and what is happening to our oceans.  We will be looking at pollution and the children will be thinking of how we can help to reduce it.


End of unit outcome: The children will have a good understanding of a typical day at the seaside, they will understand what can impact on pollution in the sea and how to prevent it.


Areas of learning:

Understanding of the World: Children will talk about the feature of the seaside and know what their families and friends do there during a day trip/holiday.


Creative - the children will be using various materials and media to represent theiur ideas of the seaside.  They will enjoy music and roleplays linked with the seaside.


Physical Development- The children will know the important of healthy eating and exercise.  They will show good control and co-ordination (including ball skills)


Literacy - The children will continue to use the RWI scheme to help them learn the sounds and apply them when reading and writing.  They will be encoruaged to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops when writing a sentence.


Maths - The children will be using tens frames and number tracks to learn numbers to 20.  They will be indentifying doubles and halves of a number.

Pirate day!           


The children came to school dressed as pirates to join in with our pirate day.  They enjoyed various activities including walking the plank, finding treasure and fishing!