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Thursday 11th February

For our Literacy today we are going to try to write another sort of poem. This is called an acrostic poem. Look through the powerpoint below to find out about today's task. 


In Maths today we are using numbers to 50 and ordering objects and numbers. Have a go at working through the powerpoint first then try pages 70 - 72 in your PowerMaths workbook. Remember to stop if it gets too tricky for your child.

And for our final lesson today we have PE. You could join in with a Joe Wicks 5 minute warm up first then try to complete our throwing and catching challenges. Remember, your hands to be ready to catch and your eyes need to be looking at the ball all the time. Do you have a soft ball or a beanbag? If not, a pair of rolled up socks will do! See if you can throw then up into the air and catch them again. Remember to grab hold of them tight when they come back to you. See how many you can do without dropping them! 

If you have a partner you could try throwing them to and fro between each other. This way you will be practising careful throwing too. Again, count how many you can do before you drop them.

And for your final challenge.....I would like you to practise aiming. See if you can find a bucket, basket or a hoop of some sort. Stand back and see if you can throw your 'ball' into the bucket. If you do it successfully three times in a row then move a little bit further away. How far away can you be and still get the 'ball' to land in the bucket?  Have fun!

I have also found a story for today that I think you will enjoy. There are lots of animals in this one. See if you can join in and sing along...

The Animal Boogie | Barefoot Books Singalong

The Animal Boogie | Barefoot Books SingalongWant more?⭐ Our favorite video:🛒 Buy this book: