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Thursday 14th January


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I've had a few problems with the English PowerPoint today.  As one document, it was too large to upload and I ended up having to split it, and delete the explanation of the task! 

On the pages where the crows are carrying Leaf, it says '...the animals promised to tell Leaf's story to everyone who would listen...'

The task today is to tell that story.  The Word document has most of the pictures from the story on it and the rest are on today's PowerPoints.  The children do not need to write about every single event that happens, just the main points.

I've attached some information about noun phrases and would like them to include at least two in their work (either my examples, or better still, their own).



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Watch the video clip.  Have you ever felt worried about something?  Can you remember what you were worried about?  Draw a picture of a time you were worried and write some Wonderful What If questions around your picture.  Next time you are worried about something, it's best to tell your mum or dad, or someone else you can trust.  You could try giving yourself some Wonderful What If questions too!