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Thursday 28th January

Good Morning!

We will be joining the CAFOD live assembly today at 9.30am. If you are able to join us please use the link below.

In our Literacy today we are finding out more information about some animals that live in Britain. See if you can complete one of the reading comprehensions attached below. (There are 3 comprehensions in the document starting with the easiest and gradually getting harder. Please choose the one most suited to your child's reading ability.) Read all the information first and then see if you can answer the questions.

In Maths today we are using all of our knowledge about addition and subtraction to complete some problems. See how you get on with these.  Work through the powerpoint below then see if you can complete pages 47 - 49 in your Power Maths workbook. (Apologies that you will have to work through it on your own. I have tried - and failed! - many times to record myself talking through it. I will have to organise some more tuition for myself in using it as I don't know where I am going wrong! :-(  )
Please join in with the Cosmic Yoga link below for your PE today.