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Thursday 4th February

We will be attending the St. Austin's Mass today at 10am. Apologies to those of you that tried to join in with this last week and were not able to, we were unable to join it from school as well. Hopefully we will be more successful this time!  Please use the link below and then click on the home tab at the top of the page to access the Mass. Thank you.

Remember to complete your phonics lesson for today using the links that you have received.

In our Literacy today we are thinking about the next part of 'The Enormous Crocodile' story. Listen to the story first then look through the powerpoint slides below.  I would like you then to predict what is going to happen next and write some sentences down to tell me about your ideas. Remember to :

          *  think it

          *  say it

          *  write it

          *  check it.

When you check it - look out for capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. You should also read it through to check that it makes sense.

In Maths today we are still working with numbers to 50. We will be learning how these numbers can be represented by looking at the groups of tens and the ones. Work through the powerpoint below and then complete pages 58 to 60 in your Power Maths workbook.
Join in with this weeks Cosmic Yoga lesson for PE using the link below.
You may like this story about a different type of reptile. It is funny - I think you will like it!

There's a Snake in my School! by David Walliams & Tony Ross | Read by Teacher Charla

There's a Snake in my School! by David Walliams & Tony Ross.Read by Teacher Charla.