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Thursday 4th March

I would like us to join together for a 'live' tricky word Bingo game this morning instead of our usual phonics lessons. We will do this at 9.30 am. Look on your google classroom account for the link to join this lesson. You will need to prepare your Bingo board before you come. To do this, you will need to draw some lines onto a page in your writing book dividing the page up into 9 sections. You will then need to choose 9 of the tricky words from the list below and write one into each section on your board. Bring your Bingo board and some counters/ cubes/ coins along with you for a game of Bingo with your friends.

Choose from these words :


the              was           my           me        you           they            are

he                all             her          go         said          one              do

she              come         some        here     your          so


In our Literacy today we are going to start to write our stories. We are going to carry on with them tomorrow - so don't rush and try to get it all written today.  Have a go at saying your story again first. Remember to use those fantastic words and phrases that you thought of yesterday. Now see if you can write the start of your story. See if you can begin your story, introduce the characters and then describe the setting where your story happens. 


My story goes like this.....

One day, Grandad and Billy went for a walk. They were very good friends and they spent lots of time together. They walked through the fields to the nearby town. They walked past the tall clock tower and they saw the colourful mural that had been painted onto the town wall. They walked over the bridge that crossed the river and looked down at the water rushing by. Whilst they were walking, Grandad told Billy all about the town Giant. Billy didn't believe that his Grandad was telling the truth.


You will notice that I have lots of sentences in the first part of my story. You will need lots of sentences too so that you can introduce your story, the characters and the setting. Have a go at writing yours - but remember to think it, say it, write it  and then check it. 

I have attached some number problem workcards for you to have a go at today for your Maths. Draw or write your workings out in your Maths book. Choose the set of cards that you feel you need to practise the most. These can be continued tomorrow and supplemented with the maths games that we have used on Purple Mash (racing game, sequence snake), Numbots, BBC Karate Kats and Top Marks.
Do you remember 'The Smartest Giant in Town' dance that we began last week? This week, I would like you could continue with the next part of that.