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Timetable and Routine for this week 11.1.21

Timetable for week beginning 11.1.21

The children did brilliantly last week adapting to our new routines.  Children in class realised they now need to be very quiet while live-streaming of lessons takes place and those children at home managed to cope well even when the internet let us down.


The daily routine for home learning this week will be as follows:

9-9.15 Look at the school website to see what we are doing for the day.  Download the Power Points and print resources if you wish.

9.15- Login to the Google Meet via Google Classroom.

9.15-9.30- Live spelling or Handwriting lesson.

9.30-10.30- Live English lesson (Mass will be on Thursday so English will move to the afternoon)

10.30-11- Breaktime

11-12- Live Maths lesson ( On a Tuesday there will be an assembly at 11.45)

12-1- Lunchtime

1-2- Live Lesson

2-2.15- Breaktime (Time to do a daily mile if you can)

2.15-3pm- Live Lesson

3-3.15- Sharing of learning for the day