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Tuesday 23rd February

We are going to be reading the first part of our story today. Click on the link below to listen to the story and find out about todays Literacy task.
We are continuing with our work on counting in 2's today for our Maths. Work through the Powerpoint with me and them have a go at pages 73 - 75 in your Power Maths workbook.
I have set you some activities to complete on Purple Mash today for your ICT work. You will be counting in 2's on Sequence Snake and testing your knowledge on carnivores, herbivores and omnivores on the other activities. Save your work once you have completed it so that I can see your hard work!

In RE we are thinking about Lent. Did you have pancakes last week on Shrove Tuesday? Lent began after this. Watch the following short video clip to find out about Lent and why it is such a special time. During Lent, Christians try to follow Jesus more closely - maybe by saying prayers, being kind or looking after others. See if you can complete this activity during Lent this year.

Ask a grown up to help you to draw a cross (use the paper in your maths books) that is made up of 40 squares. (Can you remember why the number 40 is significant during Lent?) Keep this cross throughout Lent and each time you carry out an act of kindness or say a prayer, colour a square in (maybe you could use purple as this is the colour for this liturgical season.) See if you can colour all of the squares in during the period of Lent.