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Tuesday 2nd March

Please try to complete some phonics work each day. Don't forget that we need to practise reading and writing our tricky words as well as using our phonics to work out other words. Have a go at BBC Bitesize Small town superheroes / Ena's page / Sight words today.


We are going to join together for our Literacy input today. I will talk to you about what we are going to do and then set you a small challenge to complete on your own. Look out for the live lesson link and come and join us at 10.30!  
For your Maths today we are going to continue solving addition and subtraction word problems. Work through the Powerpoint below then complete pages 82 to 84 in your workbook.
We are going to combine our ICT work with some of our Science work today. We have been learning all about different types of animals in Science over the last few weeks. See if you can learn about some more animals and their habitats (where they live) whilst playing on CBeebies Andy's Animal Teams games. You will find the link below - there are some great ones! 
I thought you might like to a bit of music as well today. You are going to need to use your listening ears! We have listened to some different types of music in school. We noticed that some are fast, some are slow, some are loud and some are quiet. Listen to the piece of music using the link below. I have only been able to upload it with the video but I would like you to just listen to it and not watch the video too for the first time. You might want to take your pencil for a 'walk' or a 'dance' on a piece of paper whilst it is on (like we have done in school before). What do you notice about it? Do you like it? Why do you think I have chosen it for you to listen to this week?

Rag'n'Bone Man & Calvin Harris - Giant (Live at BRITs 2019)

Listen to/download 'Giant': to 'Giant':Apple Music :arrow_forward: ...