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Tuesday 5th January

I have set you some work to complete on Purple Mash today. Log onto your Purple Mash account and look in your To Do folder. 


For your Literacy work, I would like you to read the first chapter of the story, 'Wolf's New Friends,' with a grown up. Then see if you can answer the questions in the quiz about it. 

Next, see how good you are at writing some of the common exception words and high frequency words for Year 1 and play the spelling game. I think you will like this one!


For your Maths, I would like you to have a go at completing the addition to 20 questions. Use the number line to help you work out the answers - like we did in class yesterday. 


We started to learn a little about the Hindu festival of Diwali at school yesterday. Watch this video clip below to learn a bit more about the Diwali celebrations.

My First Festivals: Diwali | CBeebies

WATCH THE FULL EPISODE - Diwali learn all about this special day with CBeebies!My First documentary series. Follow a group of chi...

Now see if you can complete the special clothes for Diwali, the mendhi patterns and the Diya Diwali lamp activities on Purple Mash. These things all play a special part in the Diwali celebrations.