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Tuesday 9th February

Today is 'Safer Internet Day.' We will be joining this National Campaign by taking part in the Virtual Assembly and completing some of the related activities. Please join in from home too using the link below.
In our Literacy today we are continuing to think about poems. Some of you wrote amazing poems yesterday following the 3,4,3,4 word format. Some poems do not rhyme (like our poems from yesterday), but some poems do. Today we are going to practise our rhyming words. Work through the rhyming words powerpoint below and then see if you can fill in the missing rhyming words on the worksheet below. 
For our Maths work today we are still working with numbers to 50 and we are thinking about comparing numbers. (Remember our <, > and = symbols.)  Work through the powerpoint below to give you an idea of what skills you will be using, then have a go at completing pages 64 - 66 in your Power Maths workbook. Remember to stop if it gets too hard! 

We have ICT on a Tuesday afternoon. Look on your Purple Mash account to see today's activities.

For your RE work today I would like to you listen to another of the parables that Jesus told. A parable is a simple story with a moral or a story told to teach a lesson. Todays story is called, ' The Parable of the Lost Son.' Watch the story using the video link below then see if you can recall the events of the story and use your ideas to complete the linked worksheet.

The Prodigal Son

This Bible story is based on Luke 15:11-32.Welcome to Saddleback Kids YouTube channel. Saddleback Kids, the children's ministry at Saddleback Church has deve...