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Wednesday 10th February

Good morning! Welcome to Wednesday!!

In Literacy today I would like to share a poem with you. Some of the children at school asked me what a poem is. I think these powerpoint slides explain a little bit more about poems and poetry.

Today's poem is written by Roald Dahl (like 'The Enormous Crocodile' story) and you will notice that it is a rhyming poem. After listening to the poem. see if you can identify the rhyming words and complete the worksheet activity below. 
In our Maths yesterday we were comparing numbers of objects. In Maths today for Power Maths, we are comparing numbers - using numbers to 50. If your child is comfortable working with numbers to 50 and seems to have grasped the idea of place value then please work through the powerpoint below and complete pages 67 - 69 in your Power maths books. If you feel that they would benefit more from practising to count and compare numbers up to 20 then there is an additional worksheet also attached below. Please use the one that you feel is more suited to your child's needs. 
We have History this afternoon. We are continuing with our learning about the Wright brothers today. I wonder what you can remember about them? It is a few weeks since we first looked at them. Look through the powerpoint below, making sure you watch the short video clip, then see if you can complete the sequencing activity.