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Wednesday 20th January

Hello! How are you all today?

You have all received your phonics links for today - so have fun watching the videos and practising your sounds.

In Literacy today we are completing lesson 3 about our story. You will be using your senses to help you with your description today and creating your own sensory picture.

In our Maths today we are solving word and picture problems using subtraction. After joining in with the Powerpoint presentation below, have a go at completing pages 38 to 40 in your Power Maths practice book.
For your music work this week I would like you to watch the video clip below and listen carefully to the music. Do you think it sounds like butterflies dancing too?
Our final lesson for today is Geography. In Geography this week I would like you to start off by looking in an atlas, on a globe or on the internet at a world map. Can you find England where we live? Now see if you can find the country called Australia. Have you heard of Australia before? You will notice that England and Australia are very far apart. I would like you to watch the video clip below now and see if you can remember some of the differences between Australia and England. When the video has finished see if you can make a list of all the things you can remember about each of the places.

Living in opposite climates - North England and North Australia | Geography - Your World

Suitable for ages 5 to 11. Talia from Northern England and Khynaan from Northern Australia reveal the cultural and geographical differences, and similarities...