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Wednesday 27th January

Good morning. 

I have not sent you phonics links for today as I would like you to practise using the sounds that you have learnt so far whilst playing some of the games on the Phonics Play website. You will need to enter the username : march20 and the password : home. Try the Dragons Den game or the Pirates treasure one and select the level that covers the sounds that you have covered. I hope you enjoy this for a change.

I am joining you for our Literacy today! Listen to and follow the powerpoint below to find out what we are doing.

I am so sorry - my recording doesn't move through the powerpoint - even though I have tried recording myself several times! I have attached the powerpoint separately for you to work through - you should be able to run through the two together. I think I need more lessons in technology!! Sorry. 


In our Maths we are continuing to compare additions and subtractions using the <, > and  = symbols. Work through the powerpoint below with me and then see how you get on with pages 44 - 46 in your Power Maths book. Remember - just continue through the pages as far as you comfortably can.
And for today's final task I would like you to be a scientist.  Join Miss Harris in the video link below to find out all about living things. Mammals are living things; I wonder what else is? You will be learning lots of new vocabulary (words) today so switch your brains on ready!