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Wednesday 3rd March

In our Literacy today we are going to spend a bit of time developing our story ideas. You have had some great ideas for the Giant and Billy's next adventure - I can't wait to read your finished stories at the end of the week. Look through the Powerpoint below and see if you can complete the suggested activities.
For your Maths today I would like you to complete the end of unit check on pages 85 and 86 in your Power Maths workbook. I don't think this will take you too long so if you have some time to spare, have a go at some of the addition and subtraction games on Top Marks. There are lots of good ones to choose from!
We have History this afternoon. We have spent a bit of time learning about 'The Wright Brothers.' We know that they are famous for inventing the first engine powered aeroplane. We are going to be learning about another famous person today. Look through the powerpoint below and see if you can find out what this person is famous for. Watch the video clip too to find out a little bit more about them.  Once you have looked at all the clues and gathered all of the information that you need, see if you can fill in the missing parts of the sentences on the final powerpoint slide and write them out into your book.