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week 2 (11.1.21)


First of all, well done for getting through last week (children and parents!).  It was a strange one but it was lovely to see you all getting on with your work considering the quick changes. You are superstars!!


This week we are starting to work on our 'Vehicle' and focusing on Pets.  I've added a Powerpoint for you to watch on Monday afternoon and some work directed to your pets booklet.


Below is the Maths Powerpoint for the week and the phonics video links will be emailed to you for the week. Please keep recording your sound and the blending/spelling section of your lesson into the exercise book provided.


I have added links to PE links, please access one of these on Thursday when it is our PE lessons but feel free to try out any of these as an extra PE sessions at home.


Rainbow Fish


Tuesday- This week as part of the work for our Vehicle we will be looking at 'The Rainbow Fish'. Mrs Owston has recorded the story for you to enjoy.  Listen carefully as we will be writing about it afterwards.

The Powerpoint also gives you afternoon sessions to complete throughout the week linked to the story.


Rainbow Fish creative ideas - afternoon sessions


Writing about the Rainbow Fish:

Above is an example of some work your child could try to complete.
Watch the video and join in to sound out the words.  Then think of your own sentence to write.  Use your sounds and parents provide any tricky (red) words for them to copy.
Listen carefully for the sounds and write them down.  Remember we are working on initial sounds and writing longer/CVC words.
Try a longer or another sentence to describe what is happening if your child is confident.


This weeks RE lesson is all about John the Baptist.  Watch the video below to help the children understand the story and follow the TenTen link with parents and discussion points.

55 John Baptizes Jesus

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven." [Matthew 19:14]