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Week 2 (11.1.21)


I will post the link to the live lessons 10 minutes before they start.

When you enter the meeting please switch off your microphone and camera! smiley

Please type in the chat so that I know you have arrived.




Times Tables Rock Stars

I would like you to have a go at this at least 3 times a week!

The more you practice, the more coins you earn and the better you will get at your tables. yes

Joe Wicks is back delivering his lessons Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9am on his YouTube channel (CLICK HERE).If you can't take part in the morning, don't worry- you can catch up at any time as they will be recorded.

Cosmic Yoga- there are lots of different sessions to choose from on the YouTube channel (CLICK HERE)

I'd like you all do 2 PE sessions a week smiley

Miss Molloy has also sent out an email about a "3 Peak Challenge" for families! It would be great to see pictures of you taking part in this- so please send any to class dojo / my email! yes



Monday- Music

Please work through the Oak Academy lesson (CLICK HERE).

There is a video for you to watch and join in with. You can record yourself doing your own body percussion if you would like me to see! I hope you enjoy this!


Tuesday- DT

We are starting a food unit in DT!

Click the links on the PowerPoint- there is an interactive activity and then some videos.

After have a go at the worksheet I have made for you. 


Wednesday- Science

Our new unit is Rocks and Soils.

Today's lesson is learning about natural / manmade rocks.

Read through the PowerPoint and watch the videos, then have a go at the sorting activity.

There is also a small nugget to complete on Century based on this! yes


Thursday- History

This is our first History lesson on the Stone Age.

The question for the lesson is "Was Stone Age man simply a hunter and gatherer, concerned only with survival?"

Work through the PowerPoint and then complete the worksheet after!


Friday- RE

Use the pdf flip chart attached below.

Re-read the story of the shepherds that we looked at last Monday in class. I would then like you to pretend you are one of the shepherds and write a diary entry explaining what happened.

REMEMBER: first person, thoughts and feelings, time conjunctions, speech.


Friday- Computing

Please log on to Purple Mash and complete the 2Do activities (we have tried some of these typing activities as homework before!)

There is a worksheet below for you to complete to show your attempts. Hopefully you will improve each time you practise.