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week 3 (18.1.21)

Hi Reception.  A big well done for your fantastic work last week.  I am so proud of how well you are working both in school and at home. I hope you all enjoyed reading and completing some work about the Rainbow fish.  I have added some pictures below of your Rainbow Fish work.  There are some fantastic writing pieces and creative work completed.


A few reminders about how the home learning is working:

-Work is added to the class page for you to access.  Please check this daily as more information may be added or tweaked.


-Phonics video links will be emailed to you, please access these daily and record the sounds, words etc. in the exercise book provided. You also have the handwriting booklet to complete alongside this.


-All work is to be submitted via Tapestry.  Please submit one piece of work a day for the Teachers to see.  It would be lovely to see a range of writing, maths, phonics evidence, and creative etc throughout the week.


-Don’t forget about your basic skills that still need to be practised.  Use your laminated name sheets, number and letter formation at least once a week.  Also spend time reading both your school books and a range of books for enjoyment. (Further information below about reading books)


-If your child is spending some time completing work at home and school, then please inform school of which days so that the teacher can send their Power Maths book home. This will then need to be returned when coming back into school.

Maths Unit 7 counting to 10 week 2

This week in Maths we are looking at counting to 9 and 10.  I've added in videos to the PowerPoint this week to help explain and guide the children.

You will need some counters (anything like bottle/milk tops , cars, dinosaurs, dolls, stones, glass pebbles, cheerios, pasta shells, chocolate!) and a tens frame, please print this from last weeks resources or draw one out.


This week we have another fantastic story from Mrs Owston about a dog.  You will be reading and writing about this story on Tuesday.



On Monday this week I would like you to follow the reading section on the class page to choose 2 new reading books, one 'share with me' and a new RWI book.

Please find the red words in your reading diary and practise the first 3 words (there is also a link to these if you can't find them).  If you can read these then choose the next 3 that you can't and focus on those.

Other activities:

Monday - Pet Booklet

complete pages 2 and 3 to practise your numbers.  If you are not sure use your number flash cards to help you.

As well as the 'I Spy' counting to 10 sheet (page 7 and 8)



- 11:45am follow the link for a live assembly with Mrs Corbett


- Super Sid creative activites below



- super Sid creative activities



- choose a PE session from the links on the main class page

- feel free to complete any of the pets booklet as we will be moving on next week



- RE :  Last week we looked at 'The Baptism of the Lord', now we are starting to understand Baptism and what happens.  Watch the video to help you understand what happens and how we are given a Christian name (a special name).  Then practise writing your name either using the sheet provided or in your exercise book.  You can decorate it and make it special as well if you would like.



Dotty and Buzz - Puppet TV Series - Schools - Baptism

1999 Schools TV programme Dottie and Buzz. Puppets made by Hands up Puppets and Puppeteers, Helena Smee and Marcus Clarke