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week 4 (25.1.21)

INSET DAY - Monday 25th January 2021

There will be no work online for this day.

Hi Reception!  I hope you have enjoyed learning all about Pets. It been lovely seeing your work all about them.

This week we are going to be thinking about some different animals who like to live in cold places like Antarctica.





Maths Unit 8 - comparing numbers within 10.

Vocabulary to use this week - more, fewer, more than, less than.

This week we will be comparing groups of items.  The children will also be asked to represent more or fewer than a given number, leading to a discussion about 'finding the difference' between two numbers up to 10.

Please access the daily PowerPoints from the link below.


This week we are reading a story called 'The Emperor's Egg'.  This gives us lots of information all about penguins in Antartica.  We will then be writing about some of the information we have found out.

Both the story and writing activity can be found in the video resource area. Follow the link above.


Tuesday - literacy activity, read the story and write a sentence about a fact you have read.

- Choose a new book from the 'Share with Me' on Oxford Owl as well as the next RWI book directed to you on the email.

- practise the next 3 Red words from your list.  Keep practising these all week making sure yuo are  reading your books/ditties regularly.


There is also a Mass today if you would like to join it:  9:30am


Wednesday- Antarctic animals PowerPoint and Emperors Life Cycle Activity


Thursday - PE - choose from the PE links on the main Reception Class Page. Complete a creative activity.


Friday - Creative activities.  Try and learn the 'I'm a Little Penguin Rhyme'.

RE - Use the Baptism PowerPoint to recap on last weeks work, complete the worksheet added.  (Please copy this out if unable to print)


*Remember there is a Maths lesson each day- please follow the video above.