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week 5 (1.2.21)

Hello Reception! This week has flown by quickly, with only 4 days due to our INSET on Monday. I hope you enjoyed some more fun in the snow. Once again you have shown me some fantastic work and we are really proud. Keep it up!




This week our book is all about polar bears, another animal that can be found in Antarctica.  They have thick black skin and white fur and are good swimmers. They are the largest living carnivores on land and weigh around the same weight as 10 men!!

Below is a video by a man called David Attenborough, a broadcaster that likes to show videos of different animals and explain how they live.  Listen carefully and see what other facts you can find out about polar bears. Tell your parents and write them down in your exercise book.

Polar bears search for food - David Attenborough - BBC wildlife

Want more natural history and wildlife videos? Visit the official BBC Earth channel: EarthThe BBC Earth YouTube channel is home t...


Unit 9 – addition to 10

This unit is all about combining two groups to find a whole up to 10.  It builds on the last few units and starts to make a strong structured basis for the children to master addition to 10.

Vocabulary to use – count, part, whole, altogether, how many, total, addition, adding together, counting, more, fewer.


Please access the daily video from the link below.

Morning activity:


Normally when the children arrive into school we will complete a morning activity to get our brains ready for the day. It is really important that the children are practising their writing daily, giving them opportunity to practise their formation of letters and application of phonics. Therefore, I have added some sentence writing opportunities to complete each morning.


- polar bear writing activity - see above

- Choose a new book from the 'Share with Me' on Oxford Owl as well as the next RWI book directed to you on the email.

- practise the next 3 Red words from your list- (you should nearly know them all now!!).  Keep practising these all week making sure you are reading your books/ditties regularly.

We would love to see a video of you reading sometime this week please.



Literacy activity - follow the video for this weeks story and writing activity. 

We would love to see your writing for this as well this week.

There is also an assembly with Mrs Corbett today if you would like to join it:



Wednesday- Wellbeing Wednesday! It is very important that the children look after their own wellbeing and mental health.  So this Wednesday afternoon I would like you to do something that makes you happy, e.g. Talk to a friend on the phone or via FaceTime, go on a walk/bike ride, play with your favourite toys, bake or make something from your creative equipment.  Make sure you are smiling and enjoying it! 

There is a PowerPoint below for you to share with your children to explain well being and mental health and how we can look after it.


Thursday - PE - choose from the PE links on the main Reception Class Page. Complete a creative activity.

There is also a Mass today 10am if you would like to join - link will be added here


Friday - Dress in something bright for Mufti- Express yourself day!! Send us your photographs onto Tapestry.

- Creative activities. 

-RE - Jesus in the Temple.  Watch the link below about Jesus being taken to the temple for the first time after he was born.

Use the worksheet to help you discuss with your parents:

What happened in the temple?

How you think Mary and Joseph were feeling?


Now colour in the worksheet, think carefully about what colours we normally see Mary wearing (blue and white). Write a sentence in the box about what happened in the Temple.


*Remember there is a Maths lesson each day- please follow the video above.

** Remember to try the new morning activities each day as well.