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Week 6 (8.2.21)

Hello Reception. Well done with all of your fantastic work last week.  Lots of you told me you really enjoyed watching the David Attenborough videos and finding out new facts. I hope you all got a chance to do something that makes you happy on our ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ and understand how important it is to talk about our feelings to others. Below is some of your fantastic work from last week.  I’m so proud of your effort and enthusiasm with your work.  Keep it up!!

Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year is being celebrated on 12th February this year.  It is the year of the Ox and I would love for you to join in with us to learn about and celebration Chinese New Year this week.


Unit 10 – number bonds to 10

This week is the starting point of learning and understanding number bonds to 10.  We will be using Tens Frames and Part Whole models to help support the children’s learning.

Vocabulary to use: Group, count, counters, altogether, how many, more than, fewer than, less than, ten frame, whole part, missing number, one more, one less, add, number bond to 10

Below are some number bond matching cards and ‘10 Green Bottle’ printable resources to support your child’s understanding for this week.  (these can be easily draw out as well)

Supporting files for Number Bonds to 10


This week’s story is ‘The Chinese New Year’ story.  We will then be focussing our writing about it later in the week.


This week we will be assessing the children's phonics.  This will help us to target their next step and focus on the sounds your child needs to work on.

Due to this there will be no phonic videos to watch but activities and opportunities to apply and practise their phonic skills so far.  Further information about the phonics assessments will be added here later in the week.

Morning activities

Well done to those children challenging themselves and writing a sentence every morning.  As I mentioned last week it is really important for the children to have an opportunity to apply their phonics skills and this is a quick and simple way for them to do this daily.


Here are some new ‘I can see’ pictures to have a go at this week.

Afternoon activities- These are all based around Chinese new Year this week. Follow the link to the video resource area for the dragon dance


Reading- Move onto the next book or ditty (remember 2 ditties per week please). Practise the next 3 red words and recap on all of the previous.

Creative - choose a creative activity for the afternoon



Today is Safer Internet Day.  To support the children's understanding there is a pre-recorded assembly for all children to access:

Please follow the link below to access the PowerPoint and assembly/story link.


Literacy- Watch the story for the week.  Think about what happened in the story, who came first?  Who came last?  Who was clever, who was sly? (Do you know what this means?)

Now have a go at writing a sentence about the story in your writing book.  Remember all the things you need to do to write a good sentence:

-say your sentence out loud a few times

-Use capital letters, finger spaces, and grab your fingers to sound out the words.

Add a full stop when you have finished your sentence.

-read your sentence to check it makes sense.


Creative - choose a creative activity for the afternoon



Creative activity

Wellbeing Wednesday  choose something that makes you smile.  Speak to a friend on FaceTime, go for a bike ride, play your favourite game etc. It is important to be happy!!




Creative activity





I am happy to tell you that we are going to meet together on Google Classroom on at 11am on Friday! We can't wait to see you all to say hello!

You should now have all recieved an email with your child's login and instructions of how to access the session.  If you have not then please email us.

This will be a little test for both you (and us!) to get the Google classroom up and running so it will be a short session with a few fun learning games for all the children to join in with.

Below is a BINGO sheet, please print or copy this out before the session and fill each box with a number from 1 - 12. We will also be playing a scavenger hunt involving sounds so please be ready for some running around and fun!!


Mrs Hoyle is also doing our first Celebrations Assembly online too today for you all to join at 11:45am.

Follow the link below:


Creative activity during the afternoon.


*Remember to follow the daily morning writing activity, maths PowerPoint and phonics sessions.

BINGO sheets

Safety on the Internet