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Week 8 (1.3.21)

Wow Reception Class, I can’t explain how proud we are of all of you at the moment.  You have worked really hard over the past few weeks at home (and at school for those of you in) and have completed some great work. I’ve challenged you with some hard reading, Phonics and Maths work and you have wowed me!! You now only have one more week at home and then Borris has said you can come back to school; WE CAN NOT WAIT to have you all back together.

I wanted to share some of your fantastic sentences and writing from last week.  You are working fantastically with your handwriting and sentences, well done!  Parents remember to practice saying the sentence out loud together and repeating this to help your child remember what they are writing. It is important that they learn to do this and not copy sentences that you have written for them.  We want the children to build up their confidence and ability to write a sentence independently and not rely on an adults support at all times.


Unit 11: Shape and space

We are continuing with our 3 week unit about positional language along with the names and key properties of common 2d and 3d shapes.

Key vocabulary to use:

in, on, below, under, above, in front of, behind, next to

up, down, across, forwards, backwards, left, right

roll, stack, push, curved, straight, round,

corners, face, edge, sides

square, rectangle, circle, triangle

sphere, cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone

big, little, flat, like a box, like a can, slides, pointy

odd one out, same, difference, different properties, characteristics.



Please follow the link to the video resource centre for a daily Maths sessions.




This weeks book is ‘Elmer’, a very lovable elephant. On Tuesday you will be watching and completing an activity about it.





Well done to the group that were doing their phonic sessions online last week, they were very successful and we had a great time.  These will continue this week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 11am.

*please note that Wednesdays session will need to start a little earlier at 10:30 due to Mrs Harratt having another meeting.

All other children will be sent out the video links to continue their phonics sessions at home.


Morning activities

This weeks morning activities are related to numbers. Please pick one of the activities below to complete to support your numbers:

  • number ordering.  Use your flash cards and order them into the correct order. Children to close their eyes and parents to swap two numbers around, children to work out which ones have been swapped and change them back.  Swap roles and play again.
  • Number formation: Watch the video link below and practice your formation by writing down the different numbers.
  • adding. Use the flash cards to choose 2 numbers to add.  Remember to put the largest number first to make the sum.  Write it down and use buttons etc. to help represent the number and add them together.  Use a part whole representation if needed.
  • Numbots – login to your Numbots and have a working on your number skills.

Creative afternoon sessions

Below is the link to the suggested afternoon activities.  These are all linked to our book for this week ‘ Elmer’.


Mrs Corbett will be doing a Lent assembly.  11:45am


Reading- pick a new ‘share with me’ book from the oxfords owl website and share it together with your parents. Those not on the ‘Ditty’ sheets with myself then please choose your next reading book from the oxford owl RWI section. I would love to see your reading so please add a short video of your reading onto Tapestry.

Red words – work on the next 3 words.  Can you read them?  Can you say and write them in a sentence?


Complete an afternoon creative session




Watch this weeks story ‘Elmer’. 

Talk to your family about what makes him different.  Is different a good or bad thing?

Different makes us special and unique, it would be a boring place if we were all the same and liked the same things! What’s different between you and your friend? What makes you special and unique?

Complete the sheet all about being unique.

Elmer the Elephant

I am unique...

Today we are going to all join a live lesson for RE at 1:15pm.  We are in the season of Lent and during Lent we try to be more like Jesus.  We will be sharing our ideas of how we can be more like Jesus during this session and completing our Lenten promises. (see sheet below or copy one similar)


Please go onto the google classroom and follow the link to access the session.

Lenten Promise


This week I would love for you to watch a video all about the elephant keeper at Chester Zoo.  He will tell you what they do and how they look after the elephants.  He also has some interesting facts for you to learn as well.

Have a go at writing down a few sentences about what you have learnt. As a challenge this week we are trying to use the word 'and' in our sentences.  This gives the children opportunity to add more information to their sentences.

e.g. The elephant is very big and has to be weighed by the zoo keeper.


See if you can add more information to your sentences.

VLOG: The secret life of an elephant zookeeper at Chester Zoo 🐘

Join zookeeper James as he takes you behind the scenes at Chester Zoo and shows you the work that goes into caring for the family herd of Asian Elephants - a...

Complete a creative activity this afternoon 



PE- follow the links below from Mrs Owston 


Creative activities for the afternoon


So today is your last day working from home!  I can not wait to have you all back in class next week.  I am also very proud of each and every one of you for trying your hardest to work at home.  Also thank you to all of the parents and carers too that have helped to keep the children going during this hard time. 

Please read the newsletter for this week (released later today) for a special mention to Reception. 


Have a go at the phonics shark and hedgehog game, recapping the sounds you have been learning this week.


Congratulation assembly 11:45am



Phonics live lesson for ditty group- please print off the BINGO sheet from below.


Friday afternoon- do something that makes you happy!! Go for a walk, ring a friend, bake some yummy cakes or play with your favourite toys.

Take some time to also chat about next week.  What is your routine?  What may be slightly different.  Remind the children of the little things they may have forgot (where they line up, where they put their water bottle, the dinner menu etc), chatting through these little things will make next week a lot easier for them.  Also talk about how well they have done at home with you over the past 8 weeks, remind them how proud we all are of them.


Here is a great story for any of the children worrying about coming back to school and encouraging the children to talk about their worries.


Ruby's Worry