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Y3 Catholic Life

Our Traditional Prayers:

Each half-term the children will have a particular traditional prayer that they will be learning and familiarising themselves with in class.

Autumn 1- The Angelus                         

Autumn 2- The Rosary                            

Spring 1- The Act of Contrition

(Reconciliation prep)    


Spring 2- The Act of Love     


Our Class Prayer Liturgies:

In year 3 we really enjoy taking part in adult and child led collective worship. Take a look below...

Our Fundraising:

During Advent the children decided that they would like to do something special to make a difference to the lives of others. They chose to run a chocolate raffle in school to raise money for Mary's Meals. The raffle raised a fabulous £68 for Mary's Meals. This is enough money to feed 5 children for a year!


On Friday 20th December Year 3 sang at Tesco to support "A Child Of Mine", a charity which supports bereaved parents, with their fundraising. They really enjoyed entertaining the shoppers and helping raise money for a great cause!! The grand total that was raised was £398.10! Well done!