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Year 4 MTC information

Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check (MTC)

Parental Information - January 2020

Why has the government decided to do this?

Just as the phonics screening check helps children who are learning to read, the multiplication tables check will help teachers identify those pupils who require extra support. This will ensure that all pupils leave primary school knowing their times tables by heart and able to start secondary school with a secure grasp of fundamental arithmetic as a foundation for mathematics. Nick Gibb, Education. Department of Education(2018 Feb)


  • In the National curriculum, it states by year 4 children need to recall all times tables up to 12x12.
  • The government are implementing a ‘check’ in year 4, this will begin in June in 2020.
  • You will receive your child’s assessment score at the end of the summer term.

The Check: what does it entail?

  • 25 questions from 2 - 12 times tables, with a focus on 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12 times tables.
  • Children have 6 seconds to answer each question, which are generated randomly from an online database.
  • The check will be carried out on a computer or an IPad, in line with individual pupil preferences. 
  • 3 week window in June to allow us to complete it.
  • No pass mark has been released (as of Nov 19)
  • It will be available for Ofsted to assess.
  • The results will be available to the Department of Education (DFE)  for schools to benchmark. Department for Education(2018)

How are we helping the children prepare for this at school?

  • Each child has a Multiplication table booklet identifying their current focus.
  • Regular opportunities are given to the pupils to use the IPad and computer to practice inputting answers in a timed situation.
  • Lunchtime sessions where year 4 pupils can practice their tables in the computer room
  • Use the DFE practice area (this will be released to schools in March 2020 and will not be available for use at home).

How can you help your child at home?

  • Regularly practice your child’s focus table and also previously learnt tables to improve quick recall
  • Provide opportunities for your child to use tablets/phones to practice inputting answers in a timed situation. (If this isn’t possible they can use the computer room at lunchtime for extra practice.)

At school we are using the following websites, which are set up in the style of the Year 4 tests, to allow the children to learn and practice their tables. You can set these to test mixed tables as in the test or focus on specific tables by selecting a focus. -

Maths Frame -



MTC - Parent Meeting January 2020

Please find below the powerpoint from the parental meeting that was held on Wednesday 15th January.  If after viewing you have any questions please make an appointment to meet with either Mrs Gill or Mrs Jones who will be happy to go over any questions.