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Welcome to Year 5's Class Page Summer 2019

Mrs Gill and Miss Molloy

It's hard to believe that in one more term Year 5 will be in Year 6! This final term will include a visit to St Mary's open door, Sports Day and of course the summer production.


This term will start with a whole school book focus on 'Woolf' an inspiring tale of a animal born half wolf and half sheep - is his place with the flock or pack? To find out more click on the useful links to find the Year 5 Curriculum Overview for 2018-2019.


As always it you wish to make an appoinment to discuss any aspect of the Year 5 Curriculum or any issues regarding you child please make an appoinment to see me at the office or email  

A Trip into the Future!

On Wednesday Mrs Charman and I had the pleasure of meeting the Year 5 class of 2019-2020. We were very impressed with their problem solving skills and team work only a few chickens and bags of corn were eaten! Can you solve the problem: A farmer wanted to take a fox, chicken and bag of corn over to the other side of the river. However he could only take one other item in the boat with him. If he left the fox and chicken alone the chicken would be no more, if he left the chicken and corn together the corn would be no more.  How could the farmer get all of the items over the river without anything getting eaten?

A very 'Green' class - Year 5

Friday 7th June 2019

This week we have given the behaviour award to the whole of the class.  They are all working really hard and staying focused on their work. It has been a pleasure to teach you all this week - keep it up!

Mrs Gill and Miss Molloy (two very proud teachers)

Woolf - Art

Inspired by the hybrid creature created in the story of 'Woolf' the children have been studying the work of Anja Wulfing who combines animal images with human images to create some amazing hybrid creatures.  The children were challenged to creature images in the style of Anja by combing images of themselves with animals - the results were amazing! They are now working on creating their own animals (watch this space for more updates).

Woolf - English

As part of our text study of 'Woolf' the children have been out and about again! This unit includes creating care guides for hybrid creatures and on Thursday we visited 'Pets at Home' to find out more about caring for animals.  The children had a fantastic time learning about caring for pets and as always their behaviour was exceptional.

Pets At Home May 2019

Year 5 Presents the Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll

April 2019

Click here to view -


Feeling Peckish?

Year 5 are now experts at making pitta bread pizza's!

April 2019

Year 5 'Safe and Sound' Event

Monday 1st April 2019

Safe and Sound is a workshop designed to support children and other members of our community to make informed and positive choices improving their health, safety and wellbeing. Partners come together at Community Fire Stations around the County to deliver the following:

  • Trucks and Child Safety – DHL Ltd
  • Fire Safety – Staffordshire Fire and Rescue
  • Online Safety – Staffordshire Police
  • What to do in an emergency – Army medics from MOD Stafford.                                                           

The children showed a great understanding of online safety, watched a short video and answered many questions. They were also taught how to perform CPR using dummies and practiced putting each other in the recovery position. Click below to view the children in action!

Year 5 learning to save lives...

Still image for this video

'Safe and Sound' Event April 2019