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Welcome to Year 5's Class Page Autumn 2019

Mrs Gill and Mrs Charman


Welcome back to school - a new school year, with lots of new challenges!

As always it you wish to make an appointment to discuss any aspect of the Year 5 Curriculum or any issues regarding your child please make an appointment to see me at the office or email  


Year 5 need your help!

Year 5 are getting ready to design their housing estate and would like your views on what they should include please click on the link to share your ideas and help Year 5 create a fabulous estate!

                            Sharing Our Prayers with Mary

Year 5 have enjoyed planning a prayer service for Mary today. The children decorated small boxes and within included personal prayers from their hearts to share with Mary. To end our prayer service we prayed the Angelus. A lovely way to help us reflect before we break for the half term on Wednesday.

Class Prayer Focus - The Examen

Year 5's class focus for this half term is 'The Examen'. Rather than being just one prayer it is instead a way of praying that the children can use as a focus anytime they want to pray.  The children will be bringing home a leaflet about this type of prayer but it is based upon a hand with each part of the hand representing part of the prayer. Today the children worked with me to plan a prayer service using 'The Examen' to organise our thoughts and prayers.  It was a lovely way to end a busy afternoon.

'Home, Sweet Home' is Year 5's Autumn vehicle. The vehicle contains all aspects of the curriculum and will take the children on a unique learning journey.  Through the vehicle the children will investigate the history of Stafford, learn how and why town's grow and explore areas of new growth within the town. Through the use of guest speakers, visits to explore real-life sites and opportunites to apply knowledge both in class and during STEM workshops the children will work towards a final presentation that will demonstrate aspects of what they have learnt.

LEGO STEM at NSCG Stafford

Year 5 had a truely awesome experience at the NSCG Stafford site STEM LEGO centre. Andy and Morgan were amazing and Year 5 learnt how sensors could be used to sense changes which they will now apply to their science work on alarm systems. They also had a fantastic time applying programming skills to control their devices.

Picture 1
Picture 2
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Picture 5
Picture 6

Using our metacognition skills to explore and link our prior knowledge in science!

Can you help?

Year 5 are going to be weaving a design to go on the front of their cushions linked to their bedroom designs.  We need donations of old ribbons or cloth/clothes that we can turn into strips for weaving.  The children's mood boards for their room contain lots of different colours and shades so donations of any type of fabric would be gratefully received!  Thanks in advance for your support with this smiley

A Design For Life...

Year 5 would like to say a big thank you to Steve Hibbert from Horsley and Huber Architects Stafford. Steve came along to share his expertise in designing buildings.  From plans to models and model making, Steve has certainly inspired us as we move into the design phase of our Design Technology work.  The children were amazed that you could actually get paid to draw, design and make models!

Problems, Problems, Problems

The children have been applying their knowledge of properties of materials and fair testing to come up with a solution. They were set the challenge of investigating which flooring property developers would be best to use for a hallway.  Thanks to the help of Lee at Greyfrairs Carpets Stafford, the children had a range of flooring samples to test. They came to the conclusion that either lino/vinyl or wooden flooring would be best due to the fact it was waterproof, durable, easy to clean and hard to stain.

It's all in the planning!

On Wednesday 4th September 2019 Alex Yendole (Planning  Policy Manager) from Stafford Borough Council came to talk to Year 5. The children learnt all about how sites are chosen, the types of homes that are needed in Stafford and how planning permission is granted.  The children really enjoyed looking at the maps and plans especially those of the housing estates.  They are now busily planning their questionnaires to find out what the people of Stafford would like on an ideal housing estate. The children are going to be creating digital on-line survey's so check your inbox!

Questions, questions, questions!
Whilst the rest of the class were busy designing online questionnaires, a team of Year 5 pupils visited Stafford Library to collect the views of the public on what homes and facilities they would like to see in Stafford. We would like to say a big thank you to Hilary and her team at Stafford Library for making us feel so welcome and also thank you to all the members of the public who gave us their time!


Please click on the link below to take part in the Year 5 online survey (link will be here shortly!)