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Year 5 Catholic Life

Advent Spinners

Year 5 had a lovely time sharing their Advent Spinners with Year 1.  The children worked really well together to spin and share ideas of how to get ready for Jesus' arrival!

Mary's Meals - Singing for others supper!

Year 5 were accompanied by Mrs Hellika from Blessed William Howard in performing carols in Year 5's pop up shop. They raised nearly £70 which is enough money to feed nearly 6 children for a whole year - well done Year 5!

                                 Sharing Our Prayers with Mary

Year 5 have enjoyed planning a prayer service for Mary today. The children decorated small boxes and within included personal prayers from their hearts to share with Mary. To end our prayer service we prayed the Angelus. A lovely way to help us reflect before we break for the half term on Wednesday.

Class Prayer Focus - The Examen

Year 5's class focus for this half term is 'The Examen'. Rather than being just one prayer it is instead a way of praying that the children can use as a focus anytime they want to pray.  The children will be bringing home a leaflet about this type of prayer but it is based upon a hand with each part of the hand representing part of the prayer. Today the children worked with me to plan a prayer service using 'The Examen' to organise our thoughts and prayers.  It was a lovely way to end a busy afternoon.