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Letter formation -r

RWI video links. This week we have focused on the letter sounds due to our staff supporting the Year 6 with their SATS.

Maths Jam - This week the game helps the children to add and subtract numbers.  They will use the wording 'First, then and now' to help them understand what is happening in the number sentence. (We have done lots of this in class) 

e.g. First there are 4 birds then 3 more come.  Now there are 7 birds altogether. 

4 + 3 = 7

Next week we are learning: 


- doubling numbers to 10

- passing and receiving a ball in PE

- designing and making a puppet

- Class book - Dogger (learning new vocabulary) 

-  RE - The Easter (Paschal) candle

- PSHE - how to be a good friend (part 2)


And much more!!